MGB-GT Miscellaneous

Code Name US$ CDN$  
MGB-GT-m-1 Cap, Rostyle Wheel Centres (Includes badge centre) Each 15.00 $19.95
MGB-GT-m-2 Badge Centre, On Its Own. For Above Each 2.50 $3.50
MGB-GT-m-3 Driver's Handbook, O.E. All Versions Each 22.00 $29.95
MGB-GT-m-4 Workshop Manual, Reprinted As Original Each 88.00 $119.00
MGB-GT-m-5 Key Fob, Leather and Enamel. Made In England. Octagon or MGB logo Each 7.95 $10.95
MGB-GT-m-6 Equipment Bag, Tools. Black Hardura and straps. Made by us. Exactly as orig. Each 79.00 $107.00
MGB-GT-m-7 Lucas Snail horn. Red. Made in England. Very nice quality. Each 29.00 $39.00
MGB-GT-m-8 Mud Flaps, Black moulded rubber with white MGB logo (includes hardware) Pair 29.00 $39.00
MGB-GT-m-9 Weatherstrip Adhesive, Black 5 oz Tube Each 11.00 $14.95
MGB-GT-m-10 Key Blank - O.E.M., Small Round or Square Styles Each 4.50 $5.95