MGB-GT Petrol System

Code Name US$ CDN$  
MGB-GT-ps-1 Petrol Filler Neck Grommet Each 7.50 $9.95
MGB-GT-ps-2 Petrol Filler Neck Grommet. G-HN5 and G-HD5 onwards. Each 15.00 $19.95
MGB-GT-ps-3 Petrol Filler Cap, Chrome, Inner - fit. Earlier cars. Each 22.00 $29.95
MGB-GT-ps-4 Petrol Filler Cap, Stainless steel, Inner - fit. Each 44.00 $59.00
MGB-GT-ps-5 Petrol Filler Cap, Stainless steel, outer fit (GZC 1376) Each 36.00 $49.00
MGB-GT-ps-6 Locking petrol cap, chrome, inner - fit. Made in England. Each 29.00 $39.00
MGB-GT-ps-7 Petrol Gauge Seal, To Tank Each 1.10 $1.50
MGB-GT-ps-8 Petrol Tank Seal, To Boot Floor. White sponge ring. (One per car required) Each 2.20 $2.95
MGB-GT-ps-9 Petrol Tank Rubber Cushion Strip (4 per car required) Each 2.50 $3.50
MGB-GT-ps-10 Fuel Pump Mounting Sleeve, moulded rubber. Each 4.95 $6.95