GT6 Cockpit

Code Name US$ CDN$  
gt-6-c-11 Carpet Fastener, Floor Stud. For Above Each 0.20 $0.25
gt-6-c-12 Trim Clip, Seat Cover Fixing, etc. O.E.M. Each 0.25 $0.35
gt-6-c-13 Ring Trim Clip, Seat Cover Fixing. Large or Small (610520) Each 0.50 $0.75
gt-6-c-14 Gear Knob, Accessory. Wood or Leather Each 11.00 $14.95
gt-6-c-15 Key Fob, Leather and Enamel. Made in England Each 7.95 $10.95
gt-6-c-16 English Vinyl Trim Material, Black as orig. 54w. For seats and panels. Per yd.Yd. 29.00 $39.00
gt-6-c-17 Seal Set, Gearbox Tunnel Cover. MK 3 Set 29.00 $39.00